WHMCS - IP Monitor - $20.99

December 6, 2017 / module

Description and Details

IP Monitor is a ready to be deployed for uptime monitoring solutions. This product allows you to offer free and paid membership services. It monitors your Clients' web sites, POP3, HTTP, SMTP and FTP protocols as well as all custom ports 24/7.

With this module you have everything you need to start selling Basic Monitoring services through WHMCS! It includes instant account activation, suspension, un-suspension, upgrade plan, and termination. In addition, clients can add their IP/Monitor to our monitoring system to be monitored by us via their WHMCS client area.

How this work? If you have a clients that has a Dedicated Server, Shared Hosting or a VPS with you and the server goes down then IP Monitor automatically sends a ticket to your Ticket system to let you know that it down and you can check/action it ASAP.


Admin Functions

  • They backend list in the admin area that displays all currently monitored.
  • It monitoring 5 minute intervals. However if the system detects a outage to the site it must check it additional 2 times each 1 minute apart before it sends an alert.
  • Add as many monitors as product setup allows
  • Create a ticket when a server goes offline.
  • Create/Terminate
  • Suspend/Unsuspend
  • Manage

Member Functions

Monitoring Features

  • Monitoring intervals - Supports time-intervals of 5 Min. for monitoring service
  • Email alert - Members are notified by email
  • Multiple monitoring service - Members can monitor more than 1 website or domain names if they purchase the service
  • You can define multiple addresses for your alerts.
  • Should be able to edit the Monitor, port, and contact email if they choose
  • Member account upgrade page - Option for free members to upgrade to a paid account featuring enhanced web monitoring services
    • Monitoring supports the following protocols:
    • HTTP: Web Server
      • POP3: Email Server
      • SMTP: Outgoing Email Server
      • SSL: Secure Socket Layer
      • DNS: Domain Name System
      • FTP: File Transfer Protocol
      • HTTPS: Secure Web Server
      • MYSQL: MySQL Databases
      • IMAP: Internet Message Access

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