WHMCS - Email Verification Extended - $20.99

December 6, 2017 / module

Description and Details

This module has Two options you can choose from:

If you use All Page Option:

When registering a new account (without placing an order), WHMCS would normally allow the customer to do anything even without verifying their email address. With our module, after registration, they will be redirected to the page where they will have to click on the link and verify their email.

If the customer don't verify they CANNOT access any part of their account (except Support Tickets and client detail) until they have verified their email address.

If they do not verify their email address within X days, then their account will automatically be closed.

As part of WHMCS's standard procedure when a new customer orders a product/service then they will be asked to register before making the payment.

After they have registered, they will be asked to verify their email address before proceeding to make payment.

Once they have successfully verified their email address then they will be able to proceed to payment - and only then.

It you use Checkout Option then they need to verify they email before they place a order and it will not storage in the Database until they verify they email. If they dont verify then they can not place a order.

This module helps to stop many fraud emails but allows legitimate emails.


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